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Living Room

The Eventide Condominium Enclave was built to be the quintessential example of high-quality, small community Condo living in New Haven. The complex was built in the late 1980’s. All eleven units were built as high quality ‘homes’ with quiet and privacy given the utmost attention.

Extra thick walls and floors along with sound dampening insulation and solid core doors add to the feeling that one is in a ‘stand alone home’ rather than a ‘condo’ setting.

Stunningly situated and quality built, this unit is a prized living space. Having been here for the past six years, it will be exceedingly hard to leave, as it is a place one becomes attached to quickly and forever. Circumstances surrounding the need for additional space, are why we sadly now seek to sell.

Special Features:
Turning off Quinnipiac Avenue and into the Eventide complex is like entering another world…
Entering # 11, one feels a total sense of privacy, forgetting there are close neighbors or even that one is in the City!
The open layout of the first level provides immediate exquisite water views upon entrance to the unit.
The views are ‘ever changing’ due to the variety of vistas that extend from East Rock to the Grand Avenue Bridge. Boats bob in the marina across the river, beyond the swaying marsh grass. Distant dots of cars move on I-91, shoreline trains traverse the near distant Bridge, and the occasional plane landing at Tweed all contribute to delight the eye.
The water views are where Hemmingway Creek joins the Quinnipiac River, a prime habitat for countless migratory birds and other wildlife. From the deck or sliders one sees the Egrets, Herons, Swans, the Kingfisher, and occasional Hawk, as well as countless Duck and other bird species, ALL WITHIN 20 YARDS!!. It's a birdwatcher's paradise.
With the addition of the loft, in itself a spectacular 3rd level to the home, windows face north, south, east, and west. In winter months, one can bask in the warmth of the southern sun while resting in the window seat beneath two 4’ X 6’ skylights that overlook huge trees or provide sweeping river views. Spring through autumn you might relax protected in the in-room hammock of the master bedroom, suspended within the ‘captain’s nook’ with 200 degree views of river and marsh.
Track the stars or moon across the sky.
Enjoy a cozy fire while being entertained, (the TV cabinet is built into the wall adjacent to the fireplace). It tucks in and disappears from sight when not in use.
Beautiful finish materials are used throughout the unit, including Marble, Brass, Oak, Cedar, Rosewood, Maple, and even Purple Heart!
High quality , well-designed, up-scale fixtures throughout.
Great layout and plenty of space for entertaining.
Walk in closets in both bedrooms.
All utility lines are underground (no visible electric or other cables or lines).
Cable and Telephone (presently 5 lines) wired throughout, Internet wired between second bedroom and loft
Living room wired for Surround Sound.
Entertainment center in living room holds up to a 32 inch standard CRT.
All hardwood newly redone with high-quality MoistureCure finish.
Three zone heating/cooling with electronic programmable thermostats, first floor and each bedroom.
Electrostatic Dust Collector on furnace recently rebuilt.
Special recently updated UV system built into furnace to virtually eliminate microbial dispersion.
Electronically controlled 'self cleaning' GE Gas Range, Garbage Disposal, Dishwasher, Fridge, and Microwave included.
Double and Triple glazed thermopane glass throughout.